EntertainmentIShowSpeed attacked in Norway: Hair auctioned for $1700 on eBay

IShowSpeed attacked in Norway: Hair auctioned for $1700 on eBay

iShowSpeed's hair on eBay
iShowSpeed's hair on eBay
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5:07 PM EDT, July 4, 2024

The hair from iShowSpeed's head was tracked on an eBay auction for $1700. This stems from the streamer's visit to Norway, where he encountered "inhuman" behavior from fans.

During the visit to Norway on July 3 at 9:00 PM ET, popular streamer iShowSpeed had a traumatic experience. Although it initially seemed like an ordinary meeting with fans, it quickly became a nightmare. Speed encouraged the gathered crowd through a window during the stream to chant Cristiano Ronaldo's famous "Siu" shout. Unfortunately, after a jump, he hit a low windowsill, causing severe pain in his foot. "- I think I broke my ankle. I can't walk - repeated Speed, holding onto his leg.

iShowSpeed's pulled-out hair at auction for $1700

After some time, he left the venue with his team and security guards. Just after crossing the threshold, the behavior of some fans got out of control, leading to a physical attack on the streamer. iShowSpeed's hair was pulled from his head by one of the meeting participants. Someone else jumped on the streamer from the roof of a car.

Soon after this incident, a shocking auction appeared on eBay. The hair allegedly pulled from iShowSpeed's head was put up for sale for $1700. The profile on the X platform, Speedy HQ, which closely follows the streamer's movements, reported this information.

Inhuman behavior of Norwegian fans

iShowSpeed did not hide his disappointment and sadness about the incident. At the end of the stream from Norway, the streamer openly talked about how he felt attacked and disrespected by the local fans. "- I don't think I'll ever come back here. I love the Norwegian fans, but they just didn't listen. I gave them my energy, but they have absolutely no sense of respect and safety - he explained.

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