TechIs your car guzzling gas? Lighten the load to save money

Is your car guzzling gas? Lighten the load to save money

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11:12 AM EDT, June 10, 2024

Is your car burning too much fuel? Check if you are carrying unnecessary items in it. Simply emptying the car's contents will significantly decrease fuel consumption. What should you remove from the car to save money?

After a few days of driving, does the fuel indicator on the dashboard warn of low fuel in the tank? Refueling costs can be overwhelming, especially when the car burns more than you assumed. So, how can you make the car consume less fuel? It turns out that saving fuel might be easier than you think.

How to save on fuel?

Experts note that combustion-engine vehicles can use less fuel if properly prepared for driving. Items often unnecessarily stored in trunks or on seats weigh down the car, leading to higher fuel consumption. Sometimes, a simple tidying up can make a difference.

An ideal start to saving fuel is a general cleaning inside the car. British insurance broker ChoiceQuote suggests removing all items that overly weigh down the vehicle before setting off. It is common, for example, to leave roof racks for bikes on the car, which, when not disassembled, add weight and increase fuel consumption. Some drivers also carry entire tool kits in their trunks, which generally go unused—they should also be removed from the vehicle.

Fuel-saving tips

Changing your driving style is another way to save fuel after thoroughly cleaning the car. For example, it is not always necessary to warm up the engine before setting off, especially if you only travel a short distance.

It is advisable to avoid traffic jams whenever possible—continuous starting and stopping cause the tank to empty quickly. Sometimes, choosing a longer but less congested route allows you to save fuel by up to a few percent. While driving, try to maintain a steady speed and avoid running the engine at high RPMs. If possible, use cruise control when driving on the highway, which will help maintain a constant speed.

Following these principles and removing unnecessary weight from the car can save on fuel. The car will stop burning like a gas guzzler, and the money saved can be spent on other pleasures.

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