LifestyleIs wearing socks to bed healthy? Experts clear the air

Is wearing socks to bed healthy? Experts clear the air

Is sleeping in socks healthy?
Is sleeping in socks healthy?
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9:01 AM EST, November 24, 2023

While some people find the habit peculiar, others consider wearing socks to bed as part of their nightly routine, citing it provides them better sleep. Regardless of personal preference, it's worth paying attention to recent findings on the matter.

Researchers at the National Sleep Foundation have stepped forward to dispel all doubts about this practice. According to them, wearing socks to bed enhances your comfort and health. But why exactly is it beneficial? Let's delve deeper.

What are the benefits of sleeping in socks?

The practice of sleeping in socks seems bizarre to some people. After all, it might feel logical to give our feet a rest at night after being shoe-clad throughout the day. But recent findings suggest the opposite.

Considering your feet's temperature is crucial. Cold feet can not only hinder sleep initiation but frequently interrupt your sleep as well.

By wearing socks to bed, we help maintain a comfortable foot temperature and stimulate blood circulation. If our sleep remains undisturbed at night, we wake up rejuvenated and relaxed. This positivity can influence our productivity at work and overall mood.

Interestingly, sleeping in socks can also mitigate specific symptoms of menopause. Many women endure hot flashes and profuse sweating during menopause. Wearing socks can help stabilize the body temperature, making it an effective strategy to deal with discomfort.

Socks: A remedy for calloused heels

During the autumn-winter period, our feet need extra attention. Dry and calloused skin is a common problem, with cracking heels being yet another worry. However, there's a simple solution.

Many of us question if the body cream or balm applied at night will smear onto our bedding. Especially since we apply such products just before going to bed. Thankfully, when it comes to feet, there's an easy workaround.

Simply apply your chosen skincare product and then put on your favorite socks. This allows the ingredients in the products to be better absorbed. Nevertheless, it is recommended to opt for non-constricting, cotton socks to ensure that our skin can "breathe" freely.

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