LifestyleIs there an age limit for kids sleeping with parents?

Is there an age limit for kids sleeping with parents?

Is there an age limit up to which one can sleep with a child for it to be beneficial for their emotional development?
Is there an age limit up to which one can sleep with a child for it to be beneficial for their emotional development?
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8:01 PM EDT, May 17, 2024

Sleeping with a child in the same bed is a topic that evokes many emotions. There are different positions on this issue, and some people believe that children should have their own sleeping space as early as possible. Others prefer an approach based on closeness. However, is there an age limit that should be followed for the child's proper development? A psychologist has spoken out.

Discussions on sleeping with a child in the same bed are often very heated. Recently, an American psychologist addressed the issue and spoke on the topic. His words evoked many emotions among internet users. Is there an age limit for when a child should sleep alone?

Opinions on sleeping in the same bed with a child are divided. Many parents today practice a closeness-based approach, believing it benefits the child's emotional development and sense of security.

Others, on the other hand, also consider their own needs and cannot imagine sleeping with a child for an extended period.

Is there an age limit up to which you should sleep with a child?

One of the American psychologists raised the issue on social media. "My seven-year-old son still sleeps with us in bed," wrote one of the mothers in a comment on the recording. Many comments from internet users appeared under the video. Both supporters and opponents of this approach spoke out in the heated discussion.

"Honestly, I am surprised that so many people sleep with their children. I think the norm is to train the child's sleep already at 6 months so that parents can regain their sleep and intimacy," wrote one person. What did the psychologist reply?

"I think it’s okay that your seven-year-old still sleeps with you in bed." He continued, "I think it’s quite natural because children feel safe and secure sleeping with parents. I never understand those against such comments," he said in the recording.

There are many studies that say co-sleeping is absolutely fine, and co-sleeping doesn’t necessarily mean just sharing a bed. It can also mean sharing a room. You will find that very few 15-year-olds still sleep in bed with their parents. At some point, your child will reach an age when they will want to move out of your bed and have their own space – the psychologist concluded.
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