NewsIs Orbán attempting to neutralize Ukraine? He might be attempting to block assistance for Kyiv

Is Orbán attempting to neutralize Ukraine? He might be attempting to block assistance for Kyiv

Orban and Putin's meeting at the Kremlin.
Orban and Putin's meeting at the Kremlin.
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8:12 PM EST, December 11, 2023

On Tuesday, private discussions are scheduled to occur between associates of Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and lawmakers from the Republican Party in Washington, states "The Guardian". The key topic of the meeting will be the potential end of American support for Ukraine.

"The Guardian" reports that representatives from the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs and staff from the Hungarian Embassy in Washington will participate in the event hosted by the American conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation. The meeting is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

"Private discussions"

"The Guardian", citing a source affiliated with the Republican Party, stated that "some participants, including Republican congress members, have been invited to participate in the private discussions".

Based on information from a source near the Hungarian Embassy in the United States, Prime Minister Orbán is convinced that aid for Ukraine will not be approved by Congress. That's why he is attempting to block aid from the European Union as well, according to the British outlet.

However, Dalibor Rohac from the American Enterprise Institute expresses that despite Orbán's good rapport with some Republicans, it's improbable that the Hungarian Prime Minister will have any influence on future US financial aid for Kyiv. Rohac also points out that the Hungarian Embassy in Washington has recently been actively fostering connections with Republicans.

Hungary opposes the start of negotiations regarding Ukraine's potential admission into the European Union and any changes to the EU budget intended to provide further financial support for Kyiv. Last week, Hungary's ruling Fidesz party proposed a resolution against such negotiations in parliament.

Hungary opposes Ukraine's EU membership

In the past, Prime Minister Orbán has sent two letters to the President of the European Council Charles Michel, demanding a "strategic discussion" about the present EU stance towards the Russian conflict with Ukraine. In one of the letters, Orbán asserted that expectations of the European Council rendering a decision on initiating negotiations on Ukraine's EU membership this week, are baseless.

Ukraine applied for membership in the European Union in February 2022. In June of the previous year, the European Council granted Ukraine candidate country status. The decision to begin accession talks is expected to be made at a summit in Brussels in mid-December; it must be unanimous.

On Wednesday, the Senate did not achieve the necessary majority vote for a bill containing 61 billion dollars of aid for Ukraine, to be taken any further. All Republicans opposed the bill due to its neglect of far-reaching immigration policy restrictions within the package.

On Tuesday, Ukraine's president Volodymyr Zelenskyy will meet with US President Joe Biden at the White House. Zelenskyy will also be received at the Capitol, where he is expected to make a presentation to the US Senate, among other activities.

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