EntertainmentIs Major Hewitt Prince Harry's biological father? "His red hair sparked the rumor,"

Is Major Hewitt Prince Harry's biological father? "His red hair sparked the rumor,"

The Prince referred to the rumors in the biography.
The Prince referred to the rumors in the biography.
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11:27 AM EST, November 15, 2023

Prince Harry has battled numerous rumors throughout his life, some of which have been highly damaging. His biography definitively addresses one lingering question: who is his father?

Decades later, rumors about Princess Diana's affairs still captivate the public. These speculations were particularly scandalous in the 90s. One persisting rumor suggests that Prince Harry's biological father is James Hewitt, not Prince Charles.

In retrospect, Princess Diana, born Diana Spencer, may have married too young. She failed to find the true love she sought in matrimony, and despite therapy, her troubles remained unresolved. Diana was wary of her therapists, suspecting that individuals close to her were leaking personal information to the press. She felt constantly watched and even tracked, leading to her belief that her private conversations were being monitored.

A love affair blossomed between Princess Diana and military captain James Hewitt, lasting over five years. They were drawn together by powerful feelings and shared fascination. Diana sought love, respect, and adoration from Captain Hewitt.

It was said that Diana needed consistent affirmation and care to feel valued.

Over the course of their relationship, Captain Hewitt confessed that the princess's expectations of him intensified. Diana admitted her love for Hewitt but didn't feel his devotion was sufficient. The affair gradually cooled off, and the princess's lack of seriousness towards the relationship became public knowledge. Her lover, however, had a hard time handling their separation.

While it's tempting to believe that Princess Diana's affair with Hewitt would fade into obscurity like her other past relationships, the situation provided tabloid fodder for speculation. Although Diana supposedly began her relationship with Hewitt two years after Harry's birth, the press reversed the timeline, insinuating their affair began 18 months before Harry's birth. The rumor found fuel in the striking resemblance between Harry and redhead Captain Hewitt.

Nonetheless, a DNA test carried out a decade ago ultimately debunked Hewitt's paternity claim. "News of the World" journalists instigated the tests by acquiring genetic material from James Hewitt and a hair sample from Prince Harry. Despite the negative result, the discussions around this issue persisted. Eventually, Harry took it upon himself to address these tormenting rumors in his biography.

"Dad enjoyed telling tales, and this one was a favorite topic. He'd always conclude with philosophical implications... 'Who knows if I'm really the Prince of Wales?' 'Who knows if I'm even your legitimate father?'-the story goes.

He added that he faced hurtful comments daily. Harry wrote, "He laughed heartily, despite the grim nature of the joke, given the circulating rumor at that time that my real father was my mother's former lover, Major James Hewitt. Major Hewitt's bright red hair fueled this rumor, and so did a touch of sadism... It was difficult for him to accept that people gave credence to dated gossip. It's irrelevant that my mother met Major Hewitt long after I was born."

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