LifestyleIs eating bacon chips on Friday a sin? Clergyman explains

Is eating bacon chips on Friday a sin? Clergyman explains

Bacon chips
Bacon chips
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4:22 PM EDT, October 11, 2023

On Fridays, Catholics do not eat meat, this is related to the church commandments they must abide by. Some go a step further and even discourage eating soups prepared with meat. Does this rule apply to snacks like bacon chips? This question was decided to be answered by Father Sebastian Picur on his TikTok.

The priest from TikTok dispels all doubts related to Catholicism and its principles. He answers the questions of internet users who are troubled by various religious and moral dilemmas. He most often talks about very serious matters, although he also finds time for less important and humorous things. This time the subject was bacon chips. Can they be eaten on Fridays or not?

Abstaining from meat on Fridays is very important for Catholics. This day is a commemoration of the passion and death of Jesus Christ. Parties on this day are also not advisable, as for Christians it is a time of reflection and prayer. Does this rule apply to bacon-flavored chips too?

Can we eat bacon chips on Friday?

A certain internet user wondered if eating bacon-flavored chips is a sin. Fr. Picur decided to answer this question in a short video. Even though they taste similar to meat, Catholics can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy them even on Fridays. Why? The answer is very simple: chips contain only flavors and dyes, not a gram of meat.

Bacon chips
Bacon chips© Adobe Stock

Internet users quickly began to comment on the video, which in a short time became viral. Many comments were posted under the video:

"Whew, I'm not a sinner! A weight has been lifted off my heart!", "I eat sausage even on Christmas Eve. And if I go to hell for it, I'll have a barbecue there", "Looking at the quality of the meat in the stores, it turns out that eating meat will not be a sin, because there is no meat in the meat".
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