EntertainmentIs "Beckham" too good to be true? The series seems to twist the facts

Is "Beckham" too good to be true? The series seems to twist the facts

How much does the series about Beckham differ from the truth?
How much does the series about Beckham differ from the truth?
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4:27 PM EDT, October 30, 2023

In early October, a four-episode documentary series about the world football star, David Beckham, was released on Netflix. The miniseries features David and his wife Victoria, as they delve into the significant events in their lives. However, not everything is as it appears in the production.

As revealed by Deadline, the British weekly publication, "The Sunday Times", conducted an investigation into the factual accuracy of the "Beckham" series. The journalists uncovered several slightly significant facts the production fails to mention. Could this be an attempt to enhance and soften the star's image?

How is 'Beckham' misleading its viewers?

The miniseries inaccurately portrays several events. First, it refers to the 1998 World Cup in France. In one match, Beckham received a red card for committing a foul on an Argentine player. According to the documentary, fans never forgave him for the impulsiveness that led to his dismissal from the field. British journalists, however, claim that fans quickly forgot the offense when the star returned to domestic games.

The next misrepresentation focuses on the qualifications for the next World Cup. In 2001, it appears, according to the series, that Beckham was fouled in a match just before he scored a free kick goal which ensured England's progression to the next stage. On the contrary, facts confirm it was another player, Teddy Sheringham, who was fouled, thus giving Beckham the opportunity to take the set piece.

In 2004, Beckham was accused of having an affair with his assistant, Rebecca Loos. The Netflix production displayed a fabricated headline from the "Daily Mirror". Instead of the original, "English Captain Calls Charges Absurd", it read, "My Sister HAD an Affair with Beckham".

Deadline suggests that these types of productions are merely public relations tools that enable stars to better manage their public image. In this light, it's significant to note that not only does Beckham star in the series, he is also listed as the executive producer.

The miniseries "Beckham" has been available on Netflix since October 4, 2023.

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