LifestyleIroning underwear: A surprising habit for health and hygiene

Ironing underwear: A surprising habit for health and hygiene

Do we have to iron our underwear?
Do we have to iron our underwear?
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9:46 AM EST, February 2, 2024

Should you iron your underwear? Surprisingly, only a handful of people know the right answer to this query. This time, we've chosen to dig deeper into this subject. Some of you may find the answer stunning.

It's a big mistake to not iron your underwear

This question perturbs some people. For others, it paves the way to attend to their clothes and secure a moment of tranquility amidst daily hassles. After all, who wouldn't appreciate neatly folded, scented and most importantly, ironed garments in their wardrobe?

However, many individuals resort to ironing only when they decide to wear certain clothes. But, have you ever considered ironing your underwear too? Regrettably, only a few decide to take this step. This is a grave error that can affect our health.

A high temperature can assist in eliminating leftover moisture in the fabric, which, when in contact with the skin, can often instigate fungal or bacterial infections.

Moreover, when underwear is washed at a low temperature, the detergents used may not fully dissolve in the water, leaving remnants on the fabric. Ironing expedites their evaporation, consequently reducing the risk of irritation in private regions.

Be sure to check before you start ironing

We all have various types of underwear in our wardrobes. The finest choice is those made from natural fabrics that let our skin breathe. However, we may also be tempted by less practical, but extremely attractive models that can get damaged during the ironing process.

It's crucial to check the recommended ironing temperature before ironing them. This information can usually be found on the tags attached to the underwear.

If the tags have been removed and the fabric of the underwear seems to be delicate, it's safer to abstain from ironing it.

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