NewsIraq's Al-Assad Air Base under missile attack: US vows serious response as Iran-backed group claims responsibility

Iraq's Al‑Assad Air Base under missile attack: US vows serious response as Iran-backed group claims responsibility

Bullet. Illustrative photo.
Bullet. Illustrative photo.
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11:55 PM EST, January 22, 2024

The American Al-Assad Air Base in Iraq experienced another attack on Saturday evening, as reported by the American newspaper "Barron's", citing AFP. "This was a grave attack involving ballistic missiles that presented a tangible threat," stated Jon Finer, the Deputy National Security Advisor at the White House, on Sunday.

The US military disclosed that militants backed by Iran launched "numerous missiles and rockets" targeting the air base. According to reports, an Iraqi was killed, and there may be American casualties as well.

"Our intention is to respond, to establish deterrence in such situations, and to hold accountable those groups persistently attacking us," Jon Finer added during his appearance on ABC's "This Week". "Let it be guaranteed that we are approaching this matter with extreme seriousness," he emphasized.

Al-Assad Air Base in Iraq
Al-Assad Air Base in Iraq© East News | AYMAN HENNA

American officials have stated that most of the missiles launched at Al-Assad were intercepted by air defense systems. The use of ballistic missiles could signal a heightening of aggression. Previous attacks were executed with technologically advanced rockets and drones.

The Islamic Resistance Movement in Iraq has admitted to its involvement in Saturday's attack. The Iran-linked armed group stands against Washington's support for Israel. Since mid-October, approximately 2,500 US soldiers have been attacked in Iraq and an additional 900 in Syria.

Source: Barron's

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