NewsIranian drone in Crimea signals Russia's heightened security efforts

Iranian drone in Crimea signals Russia's heightened security efforts

Mohajer-6 drone
Mohajer-6 drone
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4:22 PM EST, March 8, 2024

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The ministry's daily intelligence update showcased a satellite photo, displaying the Mohajer-6 drone at the Saki Airport, accompanied by a ground control station.

The dispatch explained that the Mohajer-6, spotted over the Black Sea and Crimea, is an unmanned aircraft designed for intelligence, surveillance, targeting, and reconnaissance tasks. Moreover, it has the capability to strike ground targets using guided missiles. Although its operational range is restricted to the line of sight of the real-time operator, which spans about 124 miles at an altitude of approximately 9,842 feet, this range can be extended by passing control to another ground control station.

Identifying threats in Crimea

The continued deployment of this system in the western part of Crimea likely signifies that Russia is actively seeking to pinpoint threats to its ports and naval forces, especially after recent Ukrainian advances. There's a substantial chance that the drone's mission encompasses aiding Russia in its military efforts on the southeastern coast of Ukraine, as per the assessments.

Moreover, it has been reported that Ukraine successfully downed at least one Mohajer-6 drone over the Black Sea on September 23, 2022, and that Russia likely, albeit unintentionally, downed such a system over Crimea on June 6, 2023.

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