NewsIran warns of mirror strike on Israeli nuclear facilities

Iran warns of mirror strike on Israeli nuclear facilities

Iran threatens to strike Israel's nuclear facilities.
Iran threatens to strike Israel's nuclear facilities.
Images source: © Getty Images | Anadolu Agency

5:37 AM EDT, April 19, 2024

Iran threatens to target Israeli nuclear sites in retaliation, intensifying regional tensions after recent missile exchanges. Tehran's Revolutionary Guard declares readiness for a "mirror strike" amid escalating conflict risks.

Iran has declared its readiness to target Israeli nuclear sites should Israel retaliate. This stance comes after a missile attack occurred between the nights of April 12th and 13th, Eastern Time. Tehran anticipates possible Israeli strikes on its nuclear facilities in response.

“Iran is poised to target Israeli nuclear sites if faced with aggression,” stated Ahmad Haqtalab, who leads the Revolutionary Guard Corps' units tasked with the protection of Iran’s nuclear sites. His words were relayed by the Iranian news agency Tasnim.

“Employing passive defense strategies and utilizing the most sophisticated weaponry, along with the strategic dispersion of our nuclear sites across Iran, equips us to counter any threats from Israel directed at our nuclear infrastructure,” the Iranian commander affirmed.

Furthermore, he highlighted that Iran has pinpointed all nuclear sites within Israel and stands ready to execute a retaliatory "mirror strike" should the need arise.

US green light for Israeli operation

The Arabic-language news outlet Al-Araby Al-Jadeed has disclosed that the US has endorsed Israel's military operation plans targeting Rafah on the condition that Israel limits any large-scale reprisal attacks against Iran.

Any direct military assault on Iran could potentially escalate tensions and lead to further instability in the region.

Rafah, situated in the Gaza Strip and regarded as a stronghold of Hamas, is home to four battalions of the organization. According to Tel Aviv, it is believed that leaders of the Palestinian group, considered terrorists by Israel, are concealed in this city that lies on the Egyptian border.

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