NewsIran warns of 'extraordinary problems' for US-led task force in Red Sea amidst Houthi attacks

Iran warns of 'extraordinary problems' for US‑led task force in Red Sea amidst Houthi attacks

Mohammad Reza Ashtiani
Mohammad Reza Ashtiani

12:36 PM EST, December 14, 2023

This statement comes in the aftermath of a series of attacks on ships in the Red Sea by Yemeni Houthi rebels. The United States subsequently proposed the creation of a multinational task force aimed at safeguarding navigation in this region. Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, the Iranian Minister of Defense, cautioned that such a unit if formed, could encounter significant challenges. This information was conveyed by the Reuters agency, referencing official Iranian media sources.

Jake Sullivan, the United States National Security Advisor, notified journalists last week about ongoing discussions that Washington is having with other countries. The main focus of these discussions is the creation of a "naval task force" to ensure security for ships in the Red Sea. However, Sullivan did not disclose any specific details.

"If they proceed with such an irrational move, they will have to contend with significant problems," Ashtiani said in a statement published on Thursday by the Iranian ISNA agency. "No one can challenge us in the region where we hold the advantage," he stated, seemingly referring to the Red Sea. Notably, the minister didn't specify the measures or actions Iran would be willing to take in response to any formation of a task force by the United States.

The Yemeni political-military movement, Houthi - an ally of Iran, has been involved in the conflicts between Israel and Hamas. The rebels target ships "associated with Israel" along major shipping routes and also launch drones and missiles towards Israel from Yemen's capital, Sana'a, a distance of over 994 miles.

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