NewsIran intensifies conflict with Over 200 drone and missile attacks on Israel

Iran intensifies conflict with Over 200 drone and missile attacks on Israel

Attack on Israel. The British and Americans rushed to help.
Attack on Israel. The British and Americans rushed to help.
Images source: © EPA, PAP | ATEF SAFADI

10:02 AM EDT, April 14, 2024

Iran launched an unprecedented number of rockets and drones toward Israel, with over 100 drones being intercepted outside the country's airspace by air forces from Israel, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Jordan, according to an Israeli Ministry of Defense spokesperson.

British Sky News verified the involvement of British Royal Air Force planes in neutralizing Iranian drones.

CNN and ABC reported that US forces downed several Iranian drones aimed at Israel, a fact later confirmed by US administration officials. However, specifics regarding the number of drones or the method of their interception were not provided.

The Pentagon has remained tight-lipped about the specifics of the forces deployed to the region. Nonetheless, public records revealed a KC-135 aerial refuelling tanker operating over Iraq during the attack, hinting at the likely involvement of American fighter jets.

Iran's aggressive move involved launching over 200 drones and ballistic missiles at Israel last Saturday. This direct attack marks a significant escalation in tensions following a six-month conflict in the Gaza Strip.

Retaliation for an attack on an Iranian facility in Damascus

This violent response by the Iranian armed forces, specifically the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, came as retaliation for the bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus, which resulted in the death of several Iranian officers. Iran has pointed fingers at Israel for this action.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called an emergency war cabinet meeting in response. He assured the public in a recorded statement that Israel is prepared to counter any direct threats from Iran with equal force, emphasizing a policy of tit-for-tat: "Whoever hurts us, we will hurt them".

As a precaution, Israel took several emergency measures, including cancelling school classes, forbidding gatherings of more than a thousand people, closing the airspace, and halting all commercial flights.

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