NewsIran-backed militants' drone attack on US soldiers in Jordan claims three lives, injures many

Iran-backed militants' drone attack on US soldiers in Jordan claims three lives, injures many

Joe Biden
Joe Biden
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3:13 PM EST, January 28, 2024, updated: 4:43 AM EST, March 7, 2024

This incident marks the first American military casualties in the region since the onset of hostilities between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas, reports Reuters. At present, the exact number of injured soldiers is unknown. CNN suggests that over 20 military personnel were wounded.

However, the spokesman for the Jordanian government, Muhannad al-Mubaidin, disputes that the attack occurred in Jordan. He claims that the American soldiers were killed in Syria. According to al-Mubaidin, the soldiers died in an attack on the U.S. military base Al-Tanf.

Biden's Statement

"While we are still gathering information about this attack, we know it was orchestrated by radical groups backed by Iran and operating in Syria and Iraq," Biden said in a written statement. The attack reportedly occurred on Saturday evening.

"We will continue our engagement in the fight against terrorism," Biden stated. He assured the U.S. will hold the individuals responsible for the attack accountable, "at a time and in a way that we choose".

Jordan retaliates with air raids on neighboring territory

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