TechiPhone 16 Pro Max to feature high-density battery and new design changes

iPhone 16 Pro Max to feature high-density battery and new design changes

iPhone 16 Pro Max to feature high-density battery and new design changes
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10:54 AM EDT, May 18, 2024

A well-known analyst shares fresh information about the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Max series. This time, he focuses on the batteries.

Ming-Chi Kuo has been providing behind-the-scenes information about Apple products for years and has analyzed the iPhone 16 Pro Max. After examining the supply chain, he found that Apple equipped this smartphone with a battery boasting a higher Wh/kg ratio. This means the battery will have greater energy density.

How does higher battery density affect its capacity?

A battery with higher energy density can be adapted in two ways. First, it allows for an increase in the battery's capacity without changing its size. Second, it enables a reduction in the battery's size while maintaining the same capacity, which permits a thinner phone or the addition of extra components. A third option combines the benefits of the two previous approaches, creating a battery that is both slightly smaller and more capacious.

Higher energy density is also associated with higher temperatures. This poses a potential problem. To counteract this, Apple intends to use a stainless steel battery casing instead of aluminum in the iPhone 16 Pro Max. Kuo speculates that using a harder material will improve heat dissipation, protect the battery from damage, and potentially make it easier to replace.

For now, the new type of battery is expected to be used only in one of the four iPhone 16 models. However, the analyst claims that if mass production goes smoothly and the battery performs well in practice, this technology could be introduced in all iPhone 17 models next year.

What do we know so far about the iPhone 16 Pro Max?

The iPhone 16 Pro Max will have several other exciting features besides the new battery. It will have a 6.9-inch OLED screen, making it more prominent than the 6.7-inch model 15 Pro Max. It will also be slightly taller and broader than its predecessor but will maintain the same thickness. Apple plans to add a new "Capture" button below the power button, which could be used for quick photo-taking and zoom adjustment. The iPhone 16 Pro Max will feature an advanced camera system, including a 48 MP ultra-wide-angle camera and a periscope telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom.

The new A18 Pro chip will power the device, which will provide higher performance and better energy management. The iPhone 16 Pro Max will also support 5G Advanced thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon X75 modem, enabling faster and more efficient connectivity. The new models will also support Wi-Fi 7, significantly increasing data transmission speeds and reducing latency, which is crucial for smart home devices and headsets like Vision Pro.

The iPhone 16 lineup is scheduled for release in September at 9:00 AM EDT.

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