TechiPhone 15 Pro overheats too much. Users are complaining about the flagship from Apple

iPhone 15 Pro overheats too much. Users are complaining about the flagship from Apple

iPhone 15 Pro overheats too much. Users are complaining about the flagship from Apple
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8:44 AM EDT, September 28, 2023, updated: 9:14 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

Some of the first owners of the iPhone 15 Pro are complaining that the flagship phones are overheating during use or charging. This is a significant problem for Apple.

Bloomberg reports on the issue, referring to posts by internet users on Apple's online forums and on social media such as, among others, Reddit and X (formerly Twitter). From their accounts, it appears that the back or side of the casing becomes hot during, for example, gaming or talking, as well as when the device is connected to the charger.

Disgruntled users are complaining about the iPhone 15 Pro

The agency reports that calls on this matter are also regularly received by Apple's technical support staff. However, most often they refer calling customers to an archived article about technical support concerning the operation of the iPhone, which is overheating or cooling down.

The text implies that overheating can occur in several cases. The authors list: intensive use of the application, charging or configuring a new device for the first time.

Bloomberg approached the company with a request for a comment on this matter, however it did not provide one by the time the article was published.

Overheating flagships are a major problem for Apple

Today iPhones account for roughly half of all company revenue. Therefore, before releasing a new model, the company thoroughly checks them for potential flaws. They undergo, among others, rigorous tests. If all issues are not identified during the trials, Apple strives to solve them through software updates or other fixes.

Bloomberg notes that phones heating up is not unusual in today's times, when they are powered by processors with enormous computing power. The question, however, is whether the problem is temporary or persists for a longer time, and also whether customers will accept it.

If this problem recurs among subsequent flagship owners, then the corporation may face a severe image crisis and the specter of declining sales. Users' opinions are divided so far. Some users post videos on the internet proving that the iPhone 15 Pros are overheating (like the one below). Others claim that they do not have this problem at all.

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