EntertainmentIOS 18 to debut AI-generated, unique emojis in September

IOS 18 to debut AI‑generated, unique emojis in September

Custom emojis in iPhones. A new feature in iOS 18?
Custom emojis in iPhones. A new feature in iOS 18?
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4:43 PM EDT, May 28, 2024

Rumor has it that the iOS 18 operating system, which will traditionally debut in September, will be equipped with several new features utilizing artificial intelligence. The one that will undoubtedly excite everyone is AI-generated, unique emojis.

Emoji is the script of our times. Cynics might say we've reverted to expressing thoughts with pictograms, but let's be real: images enhance the emotional value of statements and sometimes significantly shorten response times. I won't answer the question, "What will I do with the three seconds I've saved?" The point is that I'm ahead when I send a red heart instead of typing "okay."

Considering the popularity of emojis, their number has grown year by year. Users have even asked developers to create specific emojis: a notably symbolic request was the burning desire of iPhone users to include a simple pink heart, which they were long deprived of.

AI will generate emojis in iPhones in real-time

The catalog of iPhone emojis includes a wide variety of images: from a simple tortilla chip to a body sponge, a razor, a floppy disk, or a fuel pump. However, despite the broad selection, we often can't find the one perfect emoji to convey our message. That's when AI and the announced iOS update come into play.

A Bloomberg report indicates that the latest operating system for iPhones will feature generative AI that will create new emojis based on what users are currently typing. It's unclear how advanced the tool will be, but it seems to be an innovative and interesting addition even for everyday smartphone use. In addition to custom-generated emojis, iPhone users will, of course, have access to the standard catalog.

Custom emoji in iPhones. A new feature in iOS 18?
Custom emoji in iPhones. A new feature in iOS 18?© Canva

Source: "Bloomberg", bgr.com

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