LifestyleInvesting thousands into a puppy. The unexpected outcome

Investing thousands into a puppy. The unexpected outcome

English toy terrier puppy
English toy terrier puppy
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10:22 AM EST, November 15, 2023

A TikTok user recently shared a video that left viewers speechless. Initially, she posted photos of a purebred English toy terrier she'd acquired, but later, she shared the unexpected product of her purchase from an unverified breeder.

Frauds involving false breeders are unfortunately still rampant. Many individuals decide to purchase a puppy from an unverified seller due to the lower prices they offer. However, it's unwise to prioritize cost over the welfare of an animal. Puppies purchased in this way often have numerous health issues as a result of the breeder’s neglect. This scenario was all too real for the TikTok user, who had dreams of owning an English toy terrier. After a few months, she discovered her pet didn't resemble dogs of this breed.

Believing She'd Purchased a Purebred

A user named Arya manages a TikTok account where she shares her daily life with her followers. Her routine involves caring for a handful of pets including a rabbit and two dogs. Despite having her hands full, she was determined to add an English toy terrier, a breed she's always been enamored with, to her family. After choosing a breeder, she went ahead with the purchase.

Initially, nothing alerted her to any issues as the puppy seemed to be developing correctly. Nevertheless, a few months in, alterations began to occur. Arya realized she hadn't purchased a purebred terrier but rather a mixed breed commonly mistaken for such. In her video, she compares photos of her ideal dog to the one she currently takes care of.

"Looking at these pictures makes me want to cry. This is the dog I wanted and this is the one I am now caring for," she lamented.

"You Got What You Asked For"

Arya spent approximately 3,500 dollars on the puppy. She expressed bitterness due to the animal’s current health complications and biting disorder. Despite these issues, she confesses she loves it dearly.

Online users expressed that, regardless of everything, Arya's dog is charming. "It looks rather innocent", "It deserves love and you give it just that. Enjoy your wonderful dog," were some of the encouraging comments left below her post.

However, not everyone sympathized with her plight. "You can't complain now. You made that decision yourself," "You got what you asked for," were among the unsympathetic comments, with some blaming Arya for the entire situation.

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