FoodIntroducing rice milk as a game-changer for coffee lovers, a health-promoting and delicious substitute for cow's milk

Introducing rice milk as a game-changer for coffee lovers, a health-promoting and delicious substitute for cow's milk

Coffee with this addition is pure health. It's worth considering!
Coffee with this addition is pure health. It's worth considering!
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10:44 AM EST, January 8, 2024

Coffee is healthy, but its additives might not be. Many dietitians voice this concern and uphold the benefits of pure, black coffee. Coffee is not the only healthy food dogged by misleading myths.

The situation is quite similar for potatoes. Potatoes have often been deemed unhealthy, mainly due to the undesirable forms they're commonly served. So let's reiterate this - boiled potatoes offer excellent health benefits, much like unsweetened, black coffee. Regarding coffee, considering health-promoting additives such as cinnamon, ginger, cocoa, or milk wouldn't be remiss. However, the milk in question here is not regular; it is rice milk.

Rice milk as a coffee additive

Milk, along with sugar, continues to be one of the most popular coffee additions. However, it makes coffee more challenging to digest. The acids from coffee and milk's proteins create a combo that challenges the digestive system. Therefore, a swap from regular cow's milk to rice milk could be beneficial. Rice milk comes with many advantages:

  • It lacks cholesterol and lactose and is non-allergenic.
  • It is rich in numerous antioxidants, which, when combined with those in coffee, form an exceptional mix that protects skin cells and shields the heart from diseases.
  • It contains a large amount of B vitamins, which support human body functions, reduce stress, and improve concentration - just like caffeine!
Coffee with rice milk. Delicious and healthy solution!
Coffee with rice milk. Delicious and healthy solution!© Canva | etorres69

Interestingly, rice milk is also fortified during its production. This means it's enriched with added vitamins and minerals to ensure it has as much cow's milk as possible, yet it still doesn't cause allergies or contain lactose. Doesn't this make it the perfect coffee complement?

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