EntertainmentInternet sensation: grandma's epic night at 50 Cent's concert

Internet sensation: grandma's epic night at 50 Cent's concert

An older woman is having fun at a 50 Cent concert.
An older woman is having fun at a 50 Cent concert.
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6:16 PM EST, November 16, 2023

An elderly woman stole the show at a recent 50 Cent concert. The rapper expressed his delight with his mature fan, saying: "she was rocking with me".

50 Cent is a well-known American rapper with a plethora of popular hits such as "In Da Club" and "Candy Shop". Among the attendees at his concert in England was an enthusiastic mature woman who seemed to be having great time. A video with the fan goes viral on the internet.

50 Cent, the ageless rapper

The concert took place in Birmingham, England, on November 12. Among the concert-goers was a woman named Mary Jane, a 64-year-old fan who adores rap music. Her favorite artists include 50 Cent and Eminem. A video capturing her enjoyment at the concert started making waves online. The recording was shared by the rapper himself, with the comment: "the coolest person at my show tonight by far, she was rocking wit me".

In a subsequent interview with the BBC, the woman admitted that all her friends and neighbors were talking about the internet sensation she had become. She was surprised by the unexpected turn of events and also disclosed her biggest dream: to meet 50 Cent in person.

Source: BBC

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