LifestyleInternet on fire over vintage art-style optical illusion: Can you spot the hidden faces and cat?

Internet on fire over vintage art‑style optical illusion: Can you spot the hidden faces and cat?

Optical illusion
Optical illusion
Images source: © Pinterest

6:48 AM EST, January 14, 2024

Enthusiasts of graphic puzzles and optical illusions argue that they offer more than just regular entertainment; they also provide a unique psychological test that lets you learn more about yourself. Others view them as a measure of keen observation.

Regardless of the purpose they serve, optical illusions should be perceived as an inspiring game that can possibly reflect on our likes and habits. Nevertheless, the image below puzzles many social media users by its complexity.

Internet users challenged by an optical illusion

A captivating optical illusion recently spread across the internet like wildfire. The illustration presents flowers in a vase designed in a "vintage" art style. However, a closer examination would reveal more hidden elements within it.

The optical illusion has posed a significant challenge to internet users. Many struggle to spot the faces concealed in the picture by the artist. This can be considered a true test of observation. According to the illustrator, the keenest minds can detect these hidden elements in less than five minutes.

Uncovering the hidden elements of the puzzle

However, not everyone finds it easy to solve this complex puzzle. Hence, we'll give a hint on where to locate the hidden faces. The artist has seamlessly woven each face into the graphic using the drawn petals and stems. Look for two faces on the left side of the graphic, both oriented towards the right. The remaining two faces can be found on the right side of the image.

The greatest challenge, it turns out, isn't spotting the faces in the optical illusion, but finding a cat hidden in the picture. Some internet users believe the animal is nestled in between the flowers. Can you spot it?

The faces were hidden in these places.
The faces were hidden in these places.© Pinterest
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