EntertainmentInternational drug ring busted in Bali faces death penalty

International drug ring busted in Bali faces death penalty

Drug laboratory busted
Drug laboratory busted
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10:17 AM EDT, May 16, 2024

Two Ukrainians and a Russian created a drug laboratory beyond national divisions. The problem is that they were engaged in criminal activity in Bali, where stringent laws prevail.

Tropical forests, mountains, the ocean, high temperatures, delicious food, exciting culture, and historical sites make the Indonesian island of Bali a tourist paradise. A drug laboratory was operating in a villa located off the popular trails and curious crowds.

The police raided the building, where they apprehended two Ukrainians, a Russian, and an Indonesian citizen. The international group was producing hydroponic marijuana and mephedrone. The duo of Ukrainians was responsible for drug manufacturing, while the Russians handled the sale of goods within a network called Hydra.

Ukrainians and Russian caught in Bali

Officers confiscated 22 lbs of hydroponic marijuana, 24 oz of mephedrone, and 4 oz of cocaine. "We also confiscated equipment for forming ecstasy, with which the suspects attempted to produce drugs, but it always ended in failure," said Wahyu Widada, head of the Indonesian criminal agency, in a press release.

The members of the laboratory were charged with drug offenses. They face a maximum of the death penalty and a fine of 10 billion rupiahs (approximately $580,000). Additionally, the police are conducting another investigation related to a drug laboratory in Jakarta concerning the Indonesian suspect.

Ukrainians and Russian face death

The international group chose a country with stringent regulations regarding drug-related activities. The maximum penalty for illegal substance dealers is death. Dozens of dealers, including a 65-year-old British woman accused of heroin smuggling, are currently awaiting their sentences in local prisons.

They face a terrible punishment. The Ukrainians and the Russian chose the wrong country.
They face a terrible punishment. The Ukrainians and the Russian chose the wrong country.© Youtube

Indonesian politicians openly encourage authorities to crack down on dealers mercilessly. The words of Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who ordered security forces to shoot dealers if they resisted, once spread through global media.

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