NewsIntense attack on Crimea leaves port ablaze

Intense attack on Crimea leaves port ablaze

Attack on the port in Crimea
Attack on the port in Crimea
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8:33 AM EST, November 5, 2023

Russian channels are reporting a missile attack on the presently occupied region of Crimea. An air raid alarm was initiated. The strike reportedly hit the port and shipyard in Kerch, where numerous Russian military ships are docked. One Russian missile ship reportedly suffered damage.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out an attack on the port and shipyard in Kerch, a location currently occupied by Russia in Crimea - this information was relayed by the Ukrainian military through their Telegram channel. This shipyard was being utilized to construct ships intended for the occupying forces.

The Militarnyj portal reports that cruise missiles were deployed in the attack, a claim potentially supported by videos posted by eyewitnesses on social media.

The portal further details that at least one missile hit a land target. Social media shares by residents revealed information about smoke billowing from the Zaliv shipyard.

The Russian occupying authorities "indirectly confirmed" the attack on the site, as reported by the Militarnyj portal, though they specified that debris from a downed Ukrainian missile landed on one of the dry docks.

The portal also highlighted unverified reports circulating on social media of a hit on a Russian corvette. According to the Militarnyj portal, it might potentially be the Akold corvette, which is presently undergoing sea trials.

Based on videos posted by residents, a fire may have broken out in the shipyard. However, the Reuters news agency emphasizes that it wasn't able to independently authenticate the material and recordings from social media.

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