NewsInstant karma: Moose strikes back at agitating tourists

Instant karma: Moose strikes back at agitating tourists

The moose did not owe anything to the tourists.
The moose did not owe anything to the tourists.
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11:36 AM EST, November 22, 2023

Interfering with nature often leads to dire consequences, as evidenced by a video that has recently gone viral on social media. The video captures two tourists pestering a moose in its natural habitat. Suffice to say, the animal didn't take kindly to this.

Though the incident occurred several months ago, it's only now that the video has captured the interest of internet users. The peculiar incident occurred at the enchanting winter resort of Big Sky, located in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, USA.

Moose delivers instant karma to tormentors

Close to a forest parking lot, a passerby stumbled upon two tourists agitating a moose in the vicinity without any discernible reason.

The bystander opted to film the men's exasperating conduct, strongly advising them to leave the wild creature alone for their own safety as well as for the animal's well-being. Regardless, the tourists disregarded all warnings.

The men, who act intoxicated in the video, provoked the moose—frightening it and getting closer and closer while shouting obscenities. Eventually, the moose grew impatient.

The provoked animal had had enough and charged at the men. The men immediately lost their cool and attempted to flee in panic. One of them slipped on an icy patch and had a hard time getting up. This is when the moose caught up to him. The video abruptly ends here.

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The bystander noted that the men escaped unscathed but definitely learned a valuable lesson. The internet users are delighted with this turn of events, labelling it as "instant karma" delivered to the unbearable tourists.

"I've watched this many times and it's one of the best things I've seen all year," commented one Instagram user.
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