TechInstagram to expand story-sharing feature to Whatsapp

Instagram to expand story-sharing feature to Whatsapp

Instagram will gain a new option
Instagram will gain a new option
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5:53 AM EDT, June 10, 2024

Instagram users looking to share their stories with a wider audience will soon have a new feature to look forward to. The app will now include an option to share stories on WhatsApp, similar to the existing feature for Facebook.

Instagram stories might soon be available for WhatsApp users. As noted by Neowin, based on a post on X, the developers are working on expanding the cross-posting feature between applications. Instagram users can automatically share their stories on Facebook (and vice versa), including for business accounts.

It is not yet known exactly how the sharing of stories will work. When sharing a story on Instagram, users are expected to be offered the option to extend the story's reach to their connected WhatsApp account. At this moment, it is unclear if or how some platform-specific elements would work - for example, interactive stickers from Instagram stories.

Noticed the sharing button for materials on WhatsApp on Instagram
Noticed the sharing button for materials on WhatsApp on Instagram© Neowin, X

The expansion of cooperation between Meta's applications is an interesting move, especially given the ongoing work related to the planned implementation of shared chats, driven by decisions made by the EU. Meta, as the largest player in the market, has been obligated to create a communication platform using WhatsApp and Messenger as model applications, allowing users to communicate with each other. Recently, details regarding the use of encryption for this initiative were published.

The idea is simple - ultimately, users of any "messenger" should be able to talk to each other without needing to install additional applications on their phones. Messengers will use a common message encryption standard, enabling secure communication across different client applications. Although the platform is theoretically ready to operate, it may still take some time to actually launch inter-messenger conversations due to the required initiative from other app creators and the overall integration process.

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