LifestyleInstagram influencer reveals simple tricks to clean wooden spoons and prolong their life

Instagram influencer reveals simple tricks to clean wooden spoons and prolong their life

The Instagramer shared a trick for cleaning wooden spoons.
The Instagramer shared a trick for cleaning wooden spoons.
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9:10 AM EST, January 30, 2024, updated: 4:38 AM EST, March 7, 2024

So, how does one clean wooden spoons? Nicole Jaques, an Instagram influencer known for sharing cleaning advice, demonstrated this method in a viral video. In the video, Nicole shows how she cares for her wooden kitchen utensils, revealing she boils them once a month.

A simple trick to clean wooden spoons: boil them

"Whether you are hand washing them or using a dishwasher, a thorough soak is crucial," she wrote in the video caption. However, she emphasized wooden spoons should not be regularly washed in a dishwasher.

Following Nicole's advice, wooden spoons should be soaked in boiling water for approximately 20 minutes. This process releases oils and other substances absorbed by the wood. After soaking, the spoons should air dry before a food-safe mineral oil is applied. This oil rehydrates the wood, preserving its longevity and quality.

Nicole also recommended another cleaning technique. For a more thorough clean, she suggests disinfecting the utensils with hydrogen peroxide and soaking them for fifteen minutes. Afterward, rinse them well and let them dry before using them again.

Social media users express surprise at the provided advice and pose an important question

The post sparked significant interest among social media users. One follower asked why Nicole chooses to use wooden utensils, considering they can harbor bacteria. "That's a valid question. Wooden spoons won't scratch your cast iron pans or stainless steel pots. They withstand heat well, and their antibacterial properties can help capture and kill germs, making them safer and more hygienic than other alternatives. They simply need to be scrubbed occasionally. Plus, they are better for the environment," she explained.

"Wood has natural antibacterial properties; it's thousand times better than plastic," added another follower. "I am definitely going to try this! I knew not to stick them in the dishwasher (can anyone convince my husband?), but this is a fantastic tip! Thanks, Nicole!" another person stated.

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