NewsInside the mystery of Putin's lavish Black Sea palace amid ownership claims

Inside the mystery of Putin's lavish Black Sea palace amid ownership claims

Recordings from "Putin's palace" have been published. The house has been renovated.
Recordings from "Putin's palace" have been published. The house has been renovated.
Images source: © Youtube | Алексей Навальный

6:54 AM EDT, May 7, 2024

An impressive residence near the Black Sea in Russia said to be built for Vladimir Putin, has undergone renovations, as disclosed by the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) led by Alexei Navalny.

In January 2021, FBK released a documentary entitled "A Palace for Putin: The History of the Biggest Bribe," revealing that Vladimir Putin reportedly owns the luxurious estate near Gelendzhik, initially linked to businessman Alexander Ponomarenko. FBK estimates the property’s value at 100 billion rubles (approximately $1.3 billion).

Putin has publicly refuted claims of ownership, while Russian media have attempted to demystify the palace by showcasing its empty interiors. Subsequently, Arkady Rotenberg, a billionaire associate of Putin, claimed ownership, announcing plans to convert it into an aparthotel within two years.

However, according to, the renovation was completed between February and March 2023, and the estate does not function as a hotel. Rumors persist about Putin being the real owner.

FBK has also disclosed possession of four hours of footage from a hidden camera inside the palace, depicting its opulent interiors, including a personal chapel and an aqua disco, as described in their film, "Hidden Films from Putin's Palace: Exposing Lies and Showing Royal Interiors," released on YouTube.

The construction documents reviewed by journalists suggest minimal changes to the initial design, with the mere renaming of rooms - bedrooms to apartments, the music and reading room to a lobby, and the dining room to a restaurant. The unseen footage reveals lavish amenities such as the president’s pool, spa facilities, a gym, and a theatre.

Further examination exposed significant alterations to the decor, with historical battle scenes and maritime-themed artworks now adorning the walls. A former gaming room has been transformed into a chapel, described as somber with its marble flooring and decorative metal panels.

Intriguingly, a room previously hinted to house a bar with exotic entertainment has been modestly renamed a relaxation area, though the essence reportedly remains unchanged.
Described are 11 luxurious bedrooms, sprawling over 2,960 square feet, showcasing statues, busts, and high-end Western furniture.
The palace's construction materials and fixtures hail from premier international brands, reflecting the opulence within its walls.

FBK alleges that state enterprises covertly fund the palace's maintenance for non-existent services. This points towards a scheme involving firms led by Putin's associate, Nikolai Tokarev, funneling around 660 million rubles (about $8.7 million) yearly into the palace.

This investigative revelation provides a glimpse into the opulence and controversy surrounding the so-called "Putin's Palace," continuing to fuel debate about its true ownership and purpose.
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