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Insert it into the window. You'll feel the difference immediately

How to quickly seal a window for winter?
How to quickly seal a window for winter?
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7:44 AM EDT, October 2, 2023, updated: 9:04 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

The autumn chill is slowly approaching, so it's worth preparing your home for it's arrival. Heating is expensive, so we want to keep as much warmth in the house as possible. How to do it? We provide a simple and cheap way to seal your windows.

As autumn approaches, we start to worry about high bills. Heating costs are constantly rising, so we want to keep the expensive heat within our four walls. Unfortunately, this is not always easy. A particularly problematic area are the windows, through which even 25 percent of heat can escape. How can we prevent this? Of course, we need to seal them as best as we can. Here is one effective way to do it, which will certainly make a difference. It's simple and doesn't generate additional costs.

Leaky windows are a problem. How to deal with it?

Sealing windows before winter is very important. If we don't do this, not only do we condemn ourselves to sitting in a cold apartment, but we will additionally pay significantly more. After all, when heat escapes, we have to generate much more of it, and this costs money. To determine whether our windows are airtight or not, we do not need special tests. It is enough to put our hand on the windowsill to feel whether there's a draft. We can also put a candle by the window. If the flame flickers, it is clear that we are dealing with a lack of tightness. And the stronger the flicker, the greater the heat loss we can expect. In this case, we need to act quickly.

How to seal windows at home? No professional needed

In the case of leaky windows, the source of the problem is most often the seals, which quickly wear out and deteriorate. Damage is most often visible to the naked eye, all you need to do is take a closer look: cracks, abrasions, losses in the seals. All these minor damages lead to window leaks.

Fortunately, this can be prevented and there's no need to immediately call a professional or replace windows. Home remedies are just as effective, and the products needed to seal windows are often already in our homes. This time, the recipe for success includes only one ingredient, which can be found in every kitchen. To seal a window, all you need is... a dish sponge.

The patent with a sponge will ensure pleasant warmth at home

We can use a dish sponge to seal windows. It's a cheap and simple method that can ensure warmth in our homes. You don't need to be a genius or handy, just cut the dish sponge into smaller pieces and plug them into the gaps, and then secure them with tape.

It's best to use a new sponge that we haven't yet used for washing dishes, this way it will definitely last longer. If the household budget allows it, we can reach for more professional means: a glazier's silicone or polymer sealant. In the end, it's always worth replacing the seals. All necessary products can be found at a construction store.

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