NewsInjured Russian soldier's cry for help: Putin's last ray of hope

Injured Russian soldier's cry for help: Putin's last ray of hope

They want to send him back to the front. The wounded veteran appeals to Putin.
They want to send him back to the front. The wounded veteran appeals to Putin.
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6:32 PM EST, November 20, 2023

The battle of Bachmut in Ukraine was likely one of the bloodiest episodes in the ongoing military operations there. Both armies sustained massive casualties, with some soldiers suffering life-altering injuries. One of soldiers, who fought under the Russian flag, has recently made an appeal to Putin.

The war in Ukraine has now exceeded 630 days. The casualty count on both sides is alarmingly high. At present, the frontlines are stable - neither the Russian nor the Ukrainian army can break the stalemate.

An injured veteran pleads for Putin's intervention

The war has resulted in the deaths of thousands of soldiers. Numerous others have endured severe injuries, leaving many incapacitated for the rest of their lives due to limb loss or senses deprivation. Their lives will never be the same again.

A Russian soldier who appealed to Putin has caught widespread attention on social media. The veteran recounted being part of a "special military operation", which is the term used for the war with Ukraine in Russia.

He narrated how he was injured during the battle in the Bachmut region. According to him, he has been injured twice in the course of the war. With his health deteriorating, he has resorted to seeking assistance through this heartfelt appeal to Putin.

"They want to return me to the SMO (special military operation). I've 30% vision. Only the right eye remains. I need your help because they made a medical diagnosis without me," the soldier reveals.

He acknowledges that the president's intervention serves as his last ray of hope. "They'll take me back to the SMO. Friends, I don't really mind, but my health is bad and I can't see" the distraught Russian explains. He eagerly requests his plea be shared across all social media platforms.

What stands out in this narrative is that the soldier appears nonchalant about the permanent injuries his unit members and he have sustained during the war - injuries that have forever changed their lives. It seems the grim experiences from Bachmut have taught them little.

Per the latest report by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, close to 320,000 Russian soldiers have suffered injuries or lost their lives since the onset of the war.

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