LifestyleInfluencer reveals the reality of London's Christmas chaos: 'It's very, very crowded'

Influencer reveals the reality of London's Christmas chaos: 'It's very, very crowded'

Crowds of tourists can hinder the admiration of holiday London.
Crowds of tourists can hinder the admiration of holiday London.
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10:45 PM EST, December 18, 2023

London attracts tourists at any time of the year – unsurprising given that there's never a dull moment in this city. The last months of the year, in particular, resonate with visitors who, apart from admiring popular British landmarks, such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and Big Ben, also appreciate the impressive Christmas decorations.

Tourist Influx in London

Anyone who ventures to London in December is enchanted by the truly festive atmosphere. This is felt whilst walking along the historical street connecting Waterloo Bridge with Trafalgar Square, known as Strand, or other shopping streets boasting ornately decorated boutiques, or while exploring Leicester Square.

However, the magic of Christmas could be undermined by one factor. Influencer and traveler Aubrie Bell shared a video on Instagram on December 18th, showing the true state of London before Christmas.

She explains, "Visiting London for Christmas - they said. It'll be fun - they said... Seriously, it was worth it, but such weekends in December are no laughing matter. It's very, very crowded,". The video shows throngs of tourists that made it nearly impossible to traverse London's streets. Conditions on the underground were no different, with not only a lack of seats but also little standing space.

"What is Christmas without a little chaos?"

Internet users consistently state London is always overrun by tourists from different countries around the world before Christmas. Comments such as "It's always so crowded there", "Indeed", "What would Christmas be without such chaos?", and "So many people!" are common. One commenter pointed out the stress caused by the bustling crowds.

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