LifestyleInfluencer reveals the reality behind the Instagram illusion of Miami beaches

Influencer reveals the reality behind the Instagram illusion of Miami beaches

The beach in Miami from a bird's eye view and from a closer perspective
The beach in Miami from a bird's eye view and from a closer perspective
Images source: © Instagram

9:38 AM EST, February 6, 2024, updated: 4:10 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Kasia shares videos from her travels on her TikTok and Instagram profiles. The woman behind the @bobobrica profile was born in Belarus but has lived in Poland for 17 years. She shares clips from her travels around the world on her social platforms.

Miami Beach - The Instagram illusion versus reality

At present, the TikToker is in Miami, having recently returned from a cruise in the Bahamas. She shared a video comparing the often idealized social media depiction of Miami with its reality.

The video opens with aerial shots depicting an idyllic Miami beach that looks very appealing. The sand appears soft and clean, and the water has a turquoise hue.

Kasia proceeds to present a closer look at the beach which reveals an abundance of dried seaweed that doesn't look particularly appealing. Moreover, there are seagulls scattering around in search of food. "Seagulls have taken over Miami" - Kasia captions the video.

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It's clear that the actual scenes don't align with the paradise-like image often associated with the iconic Miami beaches.

Web users point out that the seaweed problem is not confined to Florida. "The same is true for mythical Zanzibar," "I noticed the same in Cancun," "The seaweed problem is similar in Sopot" - these are some of the comments below the video.

Miami - A Tourist Hotspot

Miami is nestled on the Atlantic Ocean coast, in popular Florida, drawing millions of tourists from worldwide.

The city is renowned for its bountiful beaches, unique tropical vegetation, and array of attractions that cater to everyone's taste. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy surfing, diving, and sailing in Miami's waters. The city is known to be vibrant and bustling around the clock.

Port Miami, branded as the "Cruise Capital of the World", receives a staggering number of passenger ships annually.

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