EntertainmentInfluencer Laura Anderson roasted on social media for alleged sunburn on her baby's face

Influencer Laura Anderson roasted on social media for alleged sunburn on her baby's face

Influencer under fire of criticism
Influencer under fire of criticism
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2:21 PM EST, January 17, 2024

It's no secret that life as an influencer can be challenging. Among other responsibilities, one must remember to tag collaborations and pay taxes. The strong scrutiny that comes with the territory often results in public figures facing criticism and negative commentary, regardless of their actions.

The harshest criticisms often carry painful truths, requiring influencers to either apologize or at least make amends.

Recently, a wave of criticism fell upon Laura Anderson, a foreign influencer who posted a beach photo with her young daughter, Bonnie. Internet users criticized her, accusing her of endangering the child's health.

Allegations of Sun-Damaged Skin Stir Up Social Media Storm

In the photograph, Laura Anderson is seen alongside her infant daughter Bonnie. Anderson is clad in a swimsuit under a sunshade, while Bonnie sports a diaper, sunglasses, and a hat. Observers expressed concern over the child's unusually red facial coloration.

Laura Anderson responded by deleting all comments relating to her child's health. However, as nothing really disappears from the Internet, some posts were quoted by "The Sun".

"Your child looks like she has a sunburn," commented one netizen.

"The child's face seems red, but it's a nice shot nonetheless," another viewer added.

Followers and defenders of Laura Anderson countered these assertions, stressing that the woman was a capable and responsible parent. One supporter admonished commentators to "mind your own business".

Advice to apply sunscreen cream was suggested; however, creams aren't recommended for infants under six months old in Australia. It's undeniable that there were potential alternative protection methods available, like dressing Bonnie in light layers.

In a subsequent beach photo, Bonnie is seen sporting a bodysuit and sweater.

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