EntertainmentInfluencer Fights for Plus-Size Inclusion in Hotels and Airlines

Influencer Fights for Plus-Size Inclusion in Hotels and Airlines

The plus size influencer issued a shocking appeal.
The plus size influencer issued a shocking appeal.
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9:41 AM EDT, April 27, 2024

For some time now, influencer Jaelynn Chaney has been tackling challenges within the tourism industry. Initially, she called for airlines to accommodate plus-size passengers with additional seating options. Now, she's proposing new amenities for hotels. What are your thoughts on her suggestions?

Jaelynn Chaney has launched an online campaign to combat discrimination against plus-size individuals. A fervent traveller, she's turned her attention to the tourism sector. Through her TikTok profile, she's attracted a broad audience.

The plus-size influencer advocates for more inclusive hotel designs

Jaelynn previously made headlines by urging airlines to offer plus-size passengers extra seats, larger bathrooms, and extended seat belts. Her advocacy didn't stop there; she also proposed eliminating armrests.

In her petition, she shared that as a plus-size individual, she and her partner have faced discrimination and discomfort during flights.

The focus of her campaign has expanded to include the hotel industry.

Jaelynn argues that the hospitality sector should accommodate the needs of guests of all sizes, advocating for the inclusion of reinforced beds and bathrobes available in sizes up to 6XL. Moreover, she envisions hotels with wider elevators and hallways to ensure easy movement for plus-size guests, alongside bathrooms equipped with raised toilet seats and handheld showerheads.
Chaney's proposals have sparked a debate online, with opinions deeply divided. Supporters back her call for a more inclusive environment, while critics worry about the financial implications of her demands.

One comment highlights that implementing such changes as a hotel manager could require significant financial investments, potentially totalling millions.

What are your views on Jaelynn Chaney's proposals? Do they represent a step in the right direction?
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