LifestyleInfluencer Danielle reveals the ups and downs of a 13-year open marriage

Influencer Danielle reveals the ups and downs of a 13‑year open marriage

Danielle shares her experience with open marriage on social media.
Danielle shares her experience with open marriage on social media.
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2:57 PM EST, January 7, 2024

Although monogamy is the traditional form of relationship and marriage in most parts of the world, some individuals elect to abandon it in favor of polygamy. Danielle is one such individual who consented to such a relationship. Her husband proposed the idea of an open relationship 13 years ago, a decision she doesn't regret today.

The experience of an open relationship

Danielle candidly shares her experiences from navigating an open marriage online. When her partner suggested the idea of an open relationship just two months into their relationship, she was initially opposed to it. Her initial reaction was shock and disappointment.

"I felt hurt and confused, which made me question our relationship," she revealed in one of her TikTok videos.

While polygamy was initially challenging for Danielle, over time, she made her peace with the idea. She's been in an open marriage with her husband for 13 years, although it's unclear whether his partners are limited to the opposite sex in their polygamous relationship.

"My feelings about being in an open marriage have totally changed since 13 years ago when my husband first suggested this idea," she acknowledged.

Today, Danielle values the partnership she shares with her husband. She feels their open relationship offers them the "chance to experience more love".

Internet users' opinions are mixed

Although growing in acceptance, open relationships aren't as prevalent as traditional ones. Consequently, they provoke various responses among internet users, who share their thoughts in comment sections. While some are intrigued by these relationships, viewing them as opportunities for diverse experiences, others are perplexed.

"I couldn't live like this", "I fully respect that! Personally, I am too selfish to share my partner, but I love hearing about such experiences," are some of the online sentiments.
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