NewsIndonesia's volcanic eruption. Trapped people and disturbing footage

Indonesia's volcanic eruption. Trapped people and disturbing footage

Volcano eruption in Indonesia.
Volcano eruption in Indonesia.
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3:57 AM EST, December 4, 2023

A volcano called Marapi in Indonesia erupted on Sunday, with smoke clouds rising approximately 9843 feet from its peak. Several surrounding villages are entirely covered in ash. Reports suggest there are people on the mountain who are unable to descend independently.

The eruption of the Merapi volcano in central Java, Indonesia, occurred on Sunday, December 3, at 14:54 local time (1:54 AM Eastern Time). The volcano spewed hot clouds of smoke, and ash was ejected to an altitude of around 9843 feet.

Details of the Indonesian Volcano Eruption

Abdul Muhari, a spokesperson for the National Disaster Management Agency reported that falling ash completely obscured visibility in several villages. Authorities are urging residents to wear masks and protective eyewear to shield them from the volcanic dust. A 1.86-mile radius from the peak has been declared a no-go zone. Both locals and tourists are prohibited from approaching the crater.

"We gave out masks to residents and encouraged them to stay at home," said Ade Setiawan, an official from the local disaster management unit, BPBD.

According to local media, some people remain in the most at-risk area. During the eruption, 70 individuals were climbing the mountain. Of these, 28 evacuated safely, while the rest were trapped on Marapi's slopes.

So far, no casualties have been reported. Social media platforms feature posts from mountain climbers. One video showcases a woman covered entirely in volcanic ash; she appears to be struggling to breathe and move.

Volcano eruption in Indonesia. One of the survivors recorded a video.
Volcano eruption in Indonesia. One of the survivors recorded a video.© X

With a height of approximately 9547 feet above sea level, Merapi is amongst the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. It's not the sole volcano in the locale. The entire country lies within the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, a zone frequently hit by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

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