NewsIndonesia: Survivors of volcano eruption plead for help

Indonesia: Survivors of volcano eruption plead for help

The text "screen" is already in English, so it doesn't need to be translated.
The text "screen" is already in English, so it doesn't need to be translated.
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8:20 AM EST, December 5, 2023

The eruption of Indonesia's Marapi volcano continues to claim victims. The deaths of 13 people have been confirmed so far, and 10 are still missing. The internet is awash with harrowing footage of burned survivors pleading for help in the aftermath of the disaster.

The Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupted on Sunday. Hundreds of rescuers are desperately searching for the missing tourists who were caught in the eruption. According to officials, the likelihood of finding them alive is dwindling. It was reported that around 75 people were at or near the eruption site at the time. The Associated Press reports that about 50 people have been rescued. The latest updates confirm the deaths of 13 people, with 10 still missing, as reported by the "Daily Mail," citing AFP.

Disturbing videos circulating online show survivors beseeching for assistance. The "Daily Mail" reports one of the survivors to be 19-year-old Zhafirah Zahrim Febrina. The video was shared by the girl's family, and it shows her covered in ash looking visibly distressed, pleading for her mother's aid.

"Terrified volcano survivors escape alive after eruption of Marapi volcano in Indonesia"

The British newspaper further reports that the young woman, who was caught in the eruption while on a hiking trip with 18 school friends, is currently in a local hospital along with her father and uncle. Her mother, Rani Radelani, is quoted by the "Daily Mail" as saying, "She saw her burns and had to endure the pain all night long. She is going through immense trauma."

Another video shows a similar scene with a young girl surrounded by an apocalyptic landscape. Covered in ash and with a bloody face, her hoarse voice can be heard clearly as she speaks on the phone.

The supervisor of Marapi's monitoring station, Ahmad Rifandi, conveyed that there were five new eruptions noted from midnight to 8 a.m. local time. "Marapi remains highly active. We can't assess the height of the column due to it being obscured by clouds," he said. Rescuers plan to continue the search for missing individuals for the next seven days.

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