TechIndia harnesses artificial intelligence to improve weather forecasts amid rising extreme events

India harnesses artificial intelligence to improve weather forecasts amid rising extreme events

Weather forecast for the last weekend of vacation
Weather forecast for the last weekend of vacation
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11:27 AM EST, December 22, 2023

In recent years, due to global warming, there has been a significant increase in extreme weather events. As per the estimates provided by the independent Center for Science and Environment in India, almost 3,000 people have lost their lives in the country this year due to this reason, as reported by Reuters.

Around the world, meteorological agencies are moving their focus towards developing AI-based solutions, which could revolutionize how weather forecasts are created and potentially reduce costs.

The correct prediction of weather is of immense importance for India, a country with a population of 1.4 billion, a considerable proportion of whom live in poverty. India also stands as the world's second-largest producer of staples such as rice, wheat and sugar.

The Department of Meteorology in India, also known as IMD, highlighted that the integration of artificial intelligence with a wide network of observers could result in producing forecasts with superior quality, while keeping the costs manageable.

The same department expects that the climate models based on AI, which are currently under development, will be able to enhance the efficiency of forecasts, as stated by K.S. Hosalikar, Head of Climate Research and Services at IMD, in an interview with Reuters.

Hosalikar also mentioned that the meteorological office has utilized AI in forming public warnings about heatwaves and disease outbreaks like malaria.

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