LifestyleIncredible discovery in Türkiye. "It's groundbreaking for the entire world"

Incredible discovery in Türkiye. "It's groundbreaking for the entire world"

Exceptional discoveries were made in Turkey.
Exceptional discoveries were made in Turkey.
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6:07 AM EDT, October 25, 2023

In the area of Göbekli Tepe and Karahan Tepe, some of the world's oldest Neolithic archaeological sites, new, extraordinary discoveries have been made. According to archaeologists, these findings are "groundbreaking for the entire world".

"Stone Hills" (Taş Tepeler) is a project where excavations are conducted at nine locations. The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced that in mid-October in Turkey, they discovered the largest sculpture from the Neolithic period, depicting a man and animal statues.

Exceptional discovery

An impressive statue of a man, measuring 8 feet, was discovered in Karahan Tepe, embedded on a pedestal and featuring a face with realistic expression. The found statue may be considered one of the most splendid examples of prehistoric art in the world.

On the same site, archaeologists also came across a vulture sculpture placed on the front of the pedestal. They also uncovered stone slabs.

The first painted find

Additionally, a life-sized statue of a boar made of limestone was found in Göbekli Tepe. This sculpture is the first painted example of a statue of this size of an animal found from the Neolithic period to the present day. Traces of red, white and black pigment have been preserved on its surface. The boar statue is located on a pedestal. It is adorned with bas-reliefs including an H-shaped symbol, a crescent, two snakes, and three human faces or masks.

Excavation work in Göbekli Tepe began as early as 1995. Numerous discoveries were quickly made there, including pillars decorated with animal motifs and geometric designs, sculptures of people and animals, tools made from stone and bone, as well as remnants of plants and animal bones. The collection of finds is constantly growing.

Place of conducting excavation works
Place of conducting excavation works© Press materials | TGA

Türkiye has been a place for centuries when numerous excavations and restoration projects are conducted in areas of historical significance. All are aimed at protecting cultural heritage. Türkiye is currently the world leader in terms of this type of work. It is projected that by the end of 2023, the number of ongoing excavations and archaeological research in this country will increase to 750.

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