NewsIncreasing prevalence of 'dark triad' traits in relationships, warns expert

Increasing prevalence of 'dark triad' traits in relationships, warns expert

"The dark triad" is a combination of several traits.
"The dark triad" is a combination of several traits.
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4:38 PM EDT, March 28, 2024

What does the term "dark triad" indeed mean? Prof. Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz highlights an observable increase in patients displaying this complex personality structure in the sexologist's clinic. He points out that it often involves women who are capable of dismantling numerous thriving relationships, leading their partners into the abyss of sex addiction, and emptying their financial resources - a scenario vividly illustrated by the expert.

Alert: Men exhibiting "dark triad" traits

The "dark triad" among patients, as explained by Professor Lew-Starowicz, pertains to a confluence of personality characteristics: psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism. "Indeed, it's a diabolical combination," he remarks in an interview with "Wprost."

Prof. Lew-Starowicz observes that such men initially appear charismatic and adept at identifying their partner's needs and desires, even in intimacy. They portray themselves as the quintessential life partners and spouses. However, as time progresses, it becomes evident that they resort to manipulation, gradually rendering their partners more dependent and, in some cases, submissive.

These individuals, as noted by the expert, employ sex as a manipulation tool and do not hesitate to engage in infidelity. Women who find themselves in relationships with men of the "dark triad" often struggle with low self-esteem and are susceptible to complexes. These relationships typically reach a therapeutic intervention point when the partner begins to regain self-awareness and resist. Initially, the man attempts to showcase himself in the best possible light, as an ideal husband or father, in hopes of reverting the partner to the previous submissive state, occasionally even adopting the posture of a victim.

Identifying characteristics of women with "dark triad" traits

How does the "dark triad" manifest in women? Prof. Lew-Starowicz, in "Wprost," portrays a blend of "psychopathy, the pursuit of sexual conquests, and the exploitation of intimacy to ensnare a man in her trap."

"Such women are known to dismantle numerous prosperous marriages, induce sexual dependency in their partner, deplete his finances, and then move on to 'capture' another appealing target, meticulously crafting a net of addiction. Here, sex plays a crucially significant role," he observes.

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