LifestyleIncreased police presence demanded in Italian tourism hotspot Rimini

Increased police presence demanded in Italian tourism hotspot Rimini

Panorama of the city Rimini
Panorama of the city Rimini
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1:46 PM EDT, May 31, 2024

The authorities of Italian cities and surrounding municipalities have called on the government to strengthen police forces in the region immediately. "This is a vital necessity," they wrote in a letter to the Prime Minister's office and the Ministry of the Interior in Rome.

Italy is one of the countries most frequently visited by tourists. Poles love cities such as Rome, Rimini, Bari, Milan, Palermo, Naples, and Venice. Some of these cities struggle with significant crime problems.

Caring for the safety of guests

The authorities of the city of Rimini and 27 surrounding municipalities have called on the government to increase police presence to ensure the safety of hundreds of thousands of tourists. The Dire news agency, citing the ranking of the daily newspaper "Il Sole-24 Ore," reminds us that Rimini is second only to Milan among provinces with the highest crime rates.

Rimini sent a letter to the government of Giorgia Meloni, signed by all 27 mayors of the province. The letter appealed for an increased permanent presence of law enforcement forces throughout the area, including carabinieri and Financial Guard officers, in connection with the start of the summer season.

Italian cities take action

"Everything possible must be done to ensure a level of safety suited to the entire complex tourism machine," wrote the petition's authors, including the mayor of Rimini, Jamil Sadegholvaad.

Local government representatives emphasized that the effective functioning of services has always been an essential element of the tourist offer for this section of the Riviera. They also pointed to Rimini's primacy regarding tourism's contribution to Italy's GDP.

The Dire agency notes that one of the phenomena causing concern among local authorities is the activity of youth gangs committing robberies and thefts during the summer.

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