NewsInaction from West could lead Putin to target NATO, warns former Ukrainian Vice Minister

Inaction from West could lead Putin to target NATO, warns former Ukrainian Vice Minister

Ukrainian politician warns the West about Putin. "He wants to destroy the world"
Ukrainian politician warns the West about Putin. "He wants to destroy the world"
Images source: © forum, TASS | Mikhail Klimentyev, Volodymyr Tarasov
4:52 AM EST, February 26, 2024

Ukrainian politician Inna Sovsun is convinced that the inaction of the West could result in Russian President Vladimir Putin extending his military advancements to Poland and the Baltic countries. This could be circumvented if the West promptly equipped Volodymyr Zelensky with the necessary weapons to counteract Putin's moves.

Inna Sovsun draws a parallel between her country's plight and Great Britain's predicament with Adolf Hitler in 1939. She emphasizes that without military support from the USA, the battle would be futile.

"I would suggest that people recall their feelings on February 24, 2022, and the general sense of injustice towards the Ukrainian nation felt by the majority of the world," Sovsun expressed during an interview with

Sovsun explains that Putin's ambitions pose a significant threat to countries which currently find themselves "indirectly affected" by the conflict.

"Even without direct attacks on your land, it doesn't eliminate his intent to dismantle your nation. People must remember that while we're fighting, we're also defending the rest of the world. Therefore, the global populace needs to be aware of the imminent danger," she elaborates.

The former vice minister of education underscores that Putin's objectives transcend harming Ukrainians. His plans aim to destabilize the entire global order, an understanding that she believes is gradually being lost.

Sovsun's views on the USA

Sovsun voiced her concerns, shared by Ukrainian President Zelensky, over the current debates within the United States surrounding the proposal for military aid to Ukraine.

"Our very survival hinges on their decision. Without military support from the United States, our efforts in this fight would be impossible, it's as plain as that," she concludes.
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