LifestyleImprove your indoor air quality: effective technique to de-dust your radiator in under 5 minutes

Improve your indoor air quality: effective technique to de‑dust your radiator in under 5 minutes

Getting rid of dust from a panel radiator is not that difficult.
Getting rid of dust from a panel radiator is not that difficult.
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12:04 PM EST, February 10, 2024

It may be challenging to clean radiators due to the small distance between them and the wall and the numerous narrow gaps within the radiator itself. Even getting a hand in these gaps with a cleaning cloth can nearly be impossible. Nevertheless, cleaning this area is crucial for health maintenance, though somewhat laborious.

Dust suspended in the air poses a health risk. It can cause a range of symptoms including chronic fatigue, watery eyes, malaise, headaches, migraines, and in extreme cases, allergies, including hard-to-cure ailment, atopic dermatitis.

Here's how to remove dust from radiators in under five minutes

During radiator cleaning, it's crucial not to overlook the interior. For older, ribbed radiators, a simple wipe with a damp cloth does the trick. However, things get a bit complicated with panel radiators, largely due to the top protection. Without removing the top grate, it can be challenging to clean the radiator from inside effectively, though it's not an impossible task.

A simple trick enables thorough cleaning of a panel radiator without having to remove the grate. All you need for this task is a large trash bag and a hairdryer. The radiator should be off and cold before you start cleaning.

Cleaning a radiator with a hairdryer is relatively simple. Attach a trash bag to the bottom part of the radiator using adhesive tape. If your radiator is large, you might need to tape several bags together. To prevent the plastic from melting, pierce the bag with a needle in several spots. After securing the bag, take the hairdryer and turn it on high. Hold it at the top of the radiator, directing the airflow downward. This way, the dust won't spread throughout the room but instead will fall into the bag.

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