NewsImproper pipe connection leads to six months of toilet water consumption in Beijing

Improper pipe connection leads to six months of toilet water consumption in Beijing

The couple drank water from the toilet.
The couple drank water from the toilet.
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9:47 AM EST, November 29, 2023

A couple from Beijing unknowingly consumed toilet water for six months. This was caused by an improper connection of pipes in their apartment, which resulted in health deterioration for both individuals, Tan and his girlfriend, as they used unfit water for drinking and cooking.

In May 2023, Tan and his girlfriend moved into a rental apartment in Beijing, China. A few weeks into their new home, they began experiencing health issues but couldn't pinpoint the cause.

The implications of drinking toilet water

Tan started losing his hair and developed acne. His girlfriend began to have persistent coughing fits and felt discomfort in her chest. Additionally, both suffered from digestive issues including abdominal pain.

About six months into their new home, Tan noticed he hadn't paid any water bills. Despite this, their water supply remained uninterrupted and the apartment administration sent no reminders.

Tan's confusion heightened after inspecting the water meters. Despite turning all the faucets on, the meter readings didn't change. Suspecting a significant problem, Tan reached out to a plumbing professional.

The plumbers were shocked to find an extra pipe connecting the toilet to the apartment's plumbing system. It was at this moment when the unfortunate reality hit the couple — their apartment did not have proper access to potable water. The water from the taps they had been consuming was essentially toilet water.

With the pipeline finally fixed, Tan immediately sought compensation from the property owner. However, the building's owning company maintains that all residents were informed about the unconventional plumbing layout. According to them, a notice notifying residents that potable water would only be available after activating specific valves was issued. The Beijing couple, however, insists that they had no such valves in their unit, nor were they informed about any such condition.

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