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Important reasons to choose the right dish sponge color

The color of the sponge matters. People don't pay attention to it.
The color of the sponge matters. People don't pay attention to it.
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3:01 PM EDT, June 16, 2024

Washing dishes, even with a dishwasher, is essential to daily life. Although we typically reach for the first sponge we see, this is often a mistake. The color of the sponge indicates its purpose—a fact many people are unaware of.

Dishwashing sponges are available in different colors, each signifying a specific use. Unfortunately, we often ignore this detail, which can result in scratching dishes.

Several colors, each one matters

The variety of dishwashing sponge colors corresponds to different cleaning types— intensive or gentle. The hardest sponge available is green, perfect for removing tough dirt. However, it should be used carefully as it can scratch delicate surfaces.

Next in hardness is the red sponge. It is gentler than the green one and less likely to scratch surfaces. Nevertheless, for glasses or porcelain, even gentler sponges are recommended.

Yellow and blue sponges are the best choices for washing such delicate dishes. The yellow sponge is ideal for cleaning glasses or cups because it doesn’t cause scratches.

The blue sponge is the softest of the range and is excellent for washing the most delicate porcelain. Its softness ensures it does not scratch valuable surfaces. Gentle sponges are also ideal for washing pans, which often undergo heavy scrubbing. Using such sponges helps dishes maintain their properties for a longer time.

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