NewsIllegal constructions threaten Croatia's heart-shaped island, Galešnjak

Illegal constructions threaten Croatia's heart-shaped island, Galešnjak

Galesnjak - The Island of Love in the shape of a heart has been devastated.
Galesnjak - The Island of Love in the shape of a heart has been devastated.
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10:00 AM EDT, March 25, 2024

On Monday, the Croatian daily "Jutarnji list" reported the devastating impact of illegal construction activities on the famous Croatian island of Galešnjak, known for its unique heart-like shape. Situated in the Adriatic waters, this island has been targeted by unknown perpetrators.

Galešnjak, which remains uninhabited without any tourist facilities or structures, stands as one of the rare places worldwide where construction is completely prohibited. Renowned for its pristine beauty, this special location, a favorite among sailors globally, has been marred by illicit endeavors.

The initial signs of construction were spotted by sailors navigating through the Pašman Channel, who were appalled to observe changes on the islet. "This spot, a popular anchorage for sailors during summer due to its wild and untouched coast, has been compromised. This year, we’ve found that someone has audaciously begun constructing a pier, discarding plastic bags filled with loose materials into the sea, creating something that resembles a makeshift dock foundation." - reported by Croatian media.

Additionally, published photos reveal metal spikes protruding from the ground, suggesting these were intended as construction reinforcements along the shore. These images are a testament to the extent of the offenders' disregard for the law.

A unique place with olive groves

Galešnjak's heart shape makes it a distinct natural landmark. The island encompasses an area of approximately 32 acres, with its beach stretching roughly 0.93 miles. Among the few landowners, some cultivate small olive groves, adding to the island’s charm. This irreplaceable gem has suffered greatly due to these unlawful activities.

Source: PAP

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