NewsIkea is now hiring: Get paid to play Roblox and help virtual customers

Ikea is now hiring: Get paid to play Roblox and help virtual customers

Ikea is hiring employees to play Roblox
Ikea is hiring employees to play Roblox
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12:16 PM EDT, June 5, 2024

Ikea has put forth an unusual job offer. The well-known Swedish company is seeking individuals willing to play the computer game Roblox for compensation. Recruitment has already begun, targeting individuals from the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The hourly work, involving playing Roblox, is facilitated through The Co-Worker program, which kicks off in late June.

Ikea is looking for employees to play a computer game

The website reports that Ikea is searching for people interested in playing Roblox. Released in 2006, this educational game allows players to shape their gameplay. The Swedish chain has tailored this minigame, particularly popular among younger individuals, to suit its needs.

In Roblox, a digital version of an Ikea store is available. The employee who accepts this offer will perform tasks similar to those in actual Ikea stores. For instance, they will assist virtual customers in selecting furniture and serving the iconic meatballs in the cafe.

Over $140 per day of playing Roblox

The number of available positions is limited. Ikea plans to hire only 10 people. Recruitment runs from June 3 to June 16, with virtual interviews scheduled from June 14 to June 18. Candidates are required to complete a short form on The Co-Worker website, where they will answer three creative questions.

Under this offer, Ikea provides a fully remote and flexible job with an hourly rate of £13.15 or €14.80 (approximately $15). This means that an 8-hour workday can yield over $120.

The offer is exclusively for United Kingdom and Ireland citizens who are at least 18 years old. It presents an opportunity to test one's skills in the recruitment process and gain first job experience during the summer.

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