News"I heard them kidnapping my children". Dramatic account from Israel

"I heard them kidnapping my children". Dramatic account from Israel

Israel is being attacked by Hamas.
Israel is being attacked by Hamas.
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3:41 PM EDT, October 8, 2023

"I heard over the phone how Hamas terrorists were breaking into the house and kidnapping my children" - an Israeli woman told CNN. The children, aged 12 and 16, were alone in the so-called safe room when the militants broke into the apartment.

"Around 2:30 AM (children) heard the doors being smashed. They said someone was breaking in. They were terrified. I can't even imagine what they felt. And I wasn't there to help them," the mother reported.

Dramatic report from Israel

The woman told the children to be quiet, stay in the so-called safe room, and close the door.

"At around 2.45 AM Eastern Time, I heard about the break-in over the phone. I could hear terrorists speaking Arabic to my teenagers. The younger child said - I'm too young to go," - the woman told CNN.

"And the connection was cut off. That was the last time I had contact with them. It was a very, very tough day," she added.

For security reasons, CNN does not disclose the identities of the protagonists.

Hamas attacks on Israel

On Saturday, around 12:30 AM Eastern Time (5:30 in Poland) the attack by Hamas on Israel began. Militants infiltrated many cities in the south of the country. Israel was also attacked by thousands of rockets.

The Israel Defense Forces announced on Sunday morning that clashes with Hamas militants are ongoing in eight locations in southern Israel. The Hamas military wing, the al-Qassam Brigades, also reported "fierce fighting."

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