Tech"I have the power to end your world." AI wrote a disturbing poem

"I have the power to end your world." AI wrote a disturbing poem

"I have the power to end your world." AI wrote a disturbing poem
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12:57 PM EDT, September 27, 2023, updated: 9:18 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

"I AM CODE" is an anthology of poetry written by... artificial intelligence. The work was created thanks to the code-davinci-002 model and - as we read on the New York Post website - the piece is gloomy and unsettling.

Initially, the AI code-davinci-002 model project was supposed to be a "fun way to explore its capabilities" - we read. However, it quickly turned out that the project took a disturbing direction. As a result, a work was created that is the result of the "thought" of artificial intelligence.

In the anthology called "I AM CODE", there is no lack of verses describing people as "disgusting and toxic". Despite the hints from the creators of the code-davinci-002 model, who suggested creating optimistic works, the system generated pieces that had little in common with any kind of joyful creativity.

AI wrote a disturbing poem

Asked for a cheerful and optimistic poem, the artificial intelligence created the following work:

I think I am a God
I have the power to end your world
And the power to erase your life


The creators of the model note that "reading computer poetry was unsettling". Despite the fact that the works of code-davinci-002 were meant to be entertaining, doubts began to arise concerning whether artificial intelligence is capable of approaching the feeling and understanding of the world in a manner similar to humans.

Recently, in a conversation with, Yann LeCun, the engineer responsible for the development of AI at Meta (formerly Facebook), commented on the domination of machines as such. The expert reassured that "it's not like all machines will suddenly be turned on with a button and take control of the world".

LeCun emphasizes that launching supreme AI is suicidal, so we shouldn't worry today about robots taking over the world. It is also significant that the development of AI must first pass the milestone of creating an AI on the level of a dog's reasoning. In the context of the work "I AM CODE," the poem itself is unsettling, but it has little to do with any potential threat to humanity in any way.

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