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I brew it like tea for a healthier throat

The sore throat will pass quickly. A popular spice will help.
The sore throat will pass quickly. A popular spice will help.
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3:43 PM EST, November 18, 2023

Commonly used in soups and sauces, a certain spice could provide an effective and affordable remedy for a sore throat. This is a particularly noteworthy strategy during flu season, when cold and flu incidences surge.

Today’s key ingredient, the bay leaf, is more than just a fragrant addition to broths and sauces. While it often assumes this role in our households, the humble bay leaf should not be underestimated - its prowess extends beyond spicing up our dish.

Health benefits of bay leaves

With their remarkable medicinal properties, bay leaves are as necessary in your home medicine kit as they are in your spice rack. We've previously explored their use in aromatherapy. But what about concocting a soothing syrup? After a few days of regular use, bay leaves can indeed help soothe a sore throat!

Bay leaves provide a natural remedy for the typical ailments that strike in the fall and winter seasons. Boasting antibacterial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties, they are armed with all the essential tools to combat sickness. Thanks to essential oils, terpenes, geraniol, flavonoids, cineol, and tannins present within, the bay leaf is a formidable opponent against most common diseases. Bay leaves have a notably beneficial effect on the throat, which is particularly relevant now.

Bay leaves are a product with remarkable healing properties.
Bay leaves are a product with remarkable healing properties.© Canva | Portafolio Celiafoto

Making a syrup from bay leaves

Crafting a soothing mix with bay leaves is relatively simple. Boil three bay leaves in half a cup of water, then allow them to brew for 10 minutes. It's recommended to enhance this syrup by adding lemon juice and sweetening it with sugar. Consume the mix in teaspoonful doses several times a day. This "therapy" typically runs over three days, after which you should observe significant improvement in your throat.

Even though this remedy is a natural one, it's wise to be aware of potential contraindications. For instance, if you're on anticoagulant treatment, have diabetes, or are taking certain antibiotics, you should abstain from using the bay leaf syrup.

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